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The Awakening Storm

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The Awakening Storm
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About the Book

Readers join Redelfs on her evacuation from her New Orleans home as Hurricane Katrina approaches and in the trauma of the ensuing Levee Disaster. In between story lines, they learn about post-traumatic stress disorder in layman's terms and the stunted psychological development that results from chronic, untreated traumatic experience. Most importantly, readers become practiced in helping to remedy these epidemic conditions - within themselves, within their relationships, and throughout society.

About the Author

Anne Redelfs is a retired psychiatrist who has been studying human beings for as long as she can remember. She has a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and a medical degree from Tulane University, where she completed two years of residency in pediatrics and three years in psychiatry at Tulane-affiliated hospitals. However, she considers life her greatest teacher. She passes on this instruction to others that they too might learn to listen to their lives.

Title: The Awakening Storm
Author: Anne Redelfs, MD
Publisher: Mira Digital Publishing
ISBN: 9780976330219
Language: English
Pages: 363
Binding: Perfect
Dimensions (inches): 8" x 10"
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Rating The Awakening Storm
Those who read this book will either love it or hate it. Dr. Redelfs, a non conformist, who questions the psychological party line of mostly drugging patients, has over the years listened to stories of traumatic family life and prefers to deal with them on a different level. "Listening" is her mantra. This book may conjure up unpleasant memories for those who have not dealt with their painful pasts. Dr. Redelfs uses the hurricane, Katrina, as her wake-up call to the realities of living in today's rocky world. Are you up to seeking yourself? -Your image to your true self? If you are up to this journey, this book is for you. Peg, St.Louis
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Reviewed by:  from St. Louis. - 11/14/2013
Rating The Awakening Storm
Go on this journey with Dr. Anne Redelfs with her practice of listening. The Awaken Storm is an exclusive, fervent, and inspired expression of the importance of the undivided Self in the pain and joy of awareness. The read creates pictures in our minds as a way of coping with trauma. Dr. Redelfs’ ten listening discussions included why don’t we listen; pay attention; need attention; focus on the local Heroine (rescuer); listen to the villains; listen to the difference between human; and image; listen to your investments; listen to your authority; listen to the absence of life; and finally listen to the presence of pain. - Wanda A. Simmons, Ed.D., Dissertation Chair, University of Phoenix,
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Reviewed by:  from Texarkana, Arkansas. - 11/21/2013
Rating Performing arts/Sgi-Usa member
Simply stated: the book is chalk-full of great story telling combined with profound wisdom and deep learning....transforming the readers understanding of self as it relates to trauma. A self help handbook of the highest order....It is well worth the read!
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Reviewed by:  from New Orleans, LA. - 11/20/2013
Rating The Awakening Storm
A superb manual for our minds to overcome our past and present drama's, repair the damage and rehumanize ourselves. Dirk DeTurck Conway Arkansas
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Reviewed by:  from Conway Arkansas. - 2/10/2014
Rating Full of wisdom
The Awakening Storm hits a number of insightful cues for redirecting one's life and dealing with problematic issues head on. A true self help book, it takes you where you are and leads you through the troubled yet not always observable underlying issues that can be experienced with any traumatic life event, which is great for anyone willing to dig internally using the questions provided at the end of each chapter. Overall the stories are poignant, memorable and make for a great read!
  Did you find this helpful?    1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from New ORleans, LA. - 12/6/2013
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